BTV: 5 Disturbing Deep Web Sites You Shouldn't Visit


My exploration into 5 of the most disturbing deep web sites. come with me as we dive into some of the most disturbing sites the deep web has to offer! Researching this was honestly a little scary, and if you take the time to go check these out for yourself, be extremely careful.

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  1. I ran into a knock off “chat roulette “… the screen was black, the user on the other screen said my government name and address. I freaked tf out and turned the computer off…the internet in the house went out for like a week, Comcast had to come reset it

  2. Mankinds habit is obviously put on the deep web for the creep factor. this kind of art is often not about getting as much traction as possible, (although a lot of people seem to want that) but to create as big of an impact on a person as possible. had that site been on the regular web it wouldnt have had as much punch would it?

  3. hello sir elder cold u specify the links in here … as we all know deep websites are just impossible to find u dont really know the links or find those across the .onion link websites …


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