BTS – SPINE BREAKER Explained by a Korean


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  2. this is the song that made me realise, “this group will be worth stanning.” even though i’ve been casually listening to them already. and until now, i still haven’t changed my mind.

  3. Before: Alright I'm sick of this why can't they make stupid music
    My pea brain can't take this anymore
    After : nvm this was great

  4. Spine breaker is an argument between two side. RM is on the side of teenagers who buy them and all that he said is what kids say to those who call them spine breaker. 'I'm buying this to survive. Mind your own business. You keyboard warriors who has no job and only curse without knowing deeply."

  5. Bts is the only group who's has the full rights to love Army's
    And diss Army's at the same time too

    Lol i feel ashamed now to ask new jacket from my parents 😌

  6. Wooow the image (respect) of spine breaker is change after seeing this vedio it has so deep meaning 💞💞❣️❣️

  7. Lol I know spine breakers for a long time and didn't even know what it was about, thank you for clearing things up, it's sooo interesting to see different cultures like that, for example me in France and I don't generalise the entire country but it's mostly your personality that makes you popular and actually, if you buy a cheap phone that you can just call or text with it, people would be more interested in you because you do that "For the planet" and hate Apple or samsung, it's mostly like that


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