BTS reaction to BLACKPINK – 2018 Golden Disc Awards


Credit: MOMBO Edit: K-Music
BTS 방탄소년단 reaction to BLACKPINK – ‘불장난 (PLAYING WITH FIRE)’ + ‘마지막처럼 (AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST)’ in 2018 Golden Disc Awards.

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  1. Suga = why I'm here in award show nd any show 😑.
    Rm, jin, jk, v, jhope & jimin =because both r bts army 😁.
    Suga =ok nd sleepy 😂🤣

  2. The sad reality is that when it’s between lizkook and rosekook. It’s always about the female that they r hating on like the men just get away with it. You guys r like, no lizkook is better cuz rosè is a bitch and rosekook is better cuz lisa is stupid and stuff. And jungkook? Have you seen one comment that said anything about jungkook? NO! Exactly even women themselves don’t support women empowerment. This proves women are fricking toxic and they hate their own kind. Me as a female myself am saying this. No offense to men, I know they have problems of their own but we female? What with u guys! You know that we have female problems just think! They have it too!! Rather than supporting them, your just gonna hate on either rosè or Lisa and leave jk alone??!! Disgusting guys.. I know that me myself have been in this situation and I am ashamed that I did so.

  3. Is he really Suga who is clapping.? Maybe he was listening Psy New face with ear piece.

    Just kidding. Reaction from Suga are really rare. I only expect rxn. from him during Raps.

  4. Who else kinda notices the jennie most of the time is the first person to sing in every song(don't come at me and be like no she doesnt)

  5. Just because they turn around, look at BP, do the dance moves, sing a part, does not mean they're dating. It's just what a normal freaking fan would do, so it's not like it's the first time somebody has ever done that. And remember idols are humans, so respect them.


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