BTS’ 2nd Full Album “WINGS” Enjoy!!
Tracklist :
1-Intro : Boy Meets Evil
6-First love
11-BTS Cypher pt4
12-Am I wrong
13-21st Century girls
14-Two!Three!(Still there will be better days) / Two!Three!Still wishin!
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  1. 01. Intro : Boy Meets Evil 00:00
    02. Blood Sweat & Tears 02:05
    03. Begin 05:45
    04. Lie 09:40
    05. Stigma 13:20
    06. First Love 17:01
    07. Reflection 20:17
    08. MAMA 24:11
    09. Awake 27:46
    10. Lost 31:37
    11. BTS Cypher 4 35:43
    12. Am I Wrong 40:43
    13. 21st century girl 44:17
    14. 2! 3! (Still, There Will Be Better Days) 47:33
    15. Interlude : Wings 52:09

  2. I'm still coming back. All BTS albums are amazing, but WINGS is just…my favorite. This album has everything, happiness, anger, hatred, heartwarming- and even all the members have their own freaking solos in here. This album is such a whole package

  3. Okay I know korean and english (I was born in korea, raised in england and now live in korea) and most of these songs had me literally in a ball crying it’s different knowing the lyrics straight from their mouths then through a translator like really why do they have to make me cry after they told me not to?

    한국어와 영어(한국에서 태어나 영국에서 자랐고 현재는 한국에서 살고 있다)를 알고 있고, 이 노래의 대부분은 저를 울게 했고, 통역을 통해 입에서 바로 가사를 알면 다릅니다. 그들은 울지 말라고 했지만, 그들은 이것을 당기라?

  4. I can't say I'm listening to Bts right now. In 2014, I discovered this group through my sister. At that time this group was like a part of my life. I used to throw the bag every day, after I remember that I went across to the computer and watched N.O or No More Dreams or other old Bts songs lol. But as I grew older, my music tastes changed. When the this album came out i was so much listening. Especially my favorite song was V's Stigma. After a few years it was very sad and very nice to listen to this album again and again, they have very successful songs. I'm proud of them, and I always support them. I love you Bts. You changed so much things. 💜

  5. I’m at the breaking point in my life where this album just makes complete sense to everything im aware of now as a young adult

  6. One of the most outstanding albums in world history. This was way ahead of its time. From the concept, the design ,the variety of genres in one album. Damnn

  7. I want Jin to get more lines in group song and that he does more solos. I want Jin to have a wonderful last year with BTS

  8. Every BTS's album brings a different vibe and feeling. I love their Dark&Wild, their HYYH, their Wings, their LY era and their most recent album Map of the soul:Persona. Their album is totally in a different level compared to other artists, that's why I have staned them for more than 3 years, not because of their appearance but their personality and their music 💜


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