BTOB members, singing "Like it" in Sokcho [Hyena On the Keyboard/ 2018.04.18]


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▶ Hyena On the Keyboard | 건반위의 하이에나 – Ep.5
: YDG is a hip hop legend and a role model for rappers! He makes a shocking confession that he’s bored with hip hop and wants to pursue a different genre! Hyunsik of BTOB has been very successful as a composer with his chart-topping single “Missing You.” He takes a trip with his members for inspiration.

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  1. ugh literally ALL OF THEM ARE SOSOSOOO TALENTED even the rappers are so good at singing that they could be vocalists. kinda sad that they are lowkey underrated. i honestly think that they deserve to be as popular as BTS :'))

  2. BTOB is the first group that I loved. Now I'm an ARMY but seeing these old videos again really makes me miss them so much and made me realize that I will forever be a Melody. I miss you BTOB and I'll wait until the OT7 comeback. Fighting

  3. am i the only one who noticed that sungjae's seat are the same as where he sat in wgm? i mean, when btob send sungjoy to their home. lol

  4. Ohh i just realized it noww!! At 10:05 Sungjae said "Swimming" and if you translate it in korean its "Sooyoung". I dont know i may just overthinking lol. But still BBYU FOREVER

  5. Sungjae asked about swimming(swimming in korea means soo young) to hyunsik, missing you also. Why sungjae? Something suspicious right? Seems like both song refer to joy(park soo young)

  6. Sungjae : (singing rose like you)
    Also sungjae : rose is good too

    Hahaha do u really want to introduce rose to hyunsik sungjae ya?


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