Broadband TV Locks In Partners Over Voided Contracts


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Broadband TV Locks In Partners Over Voided Contracts



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  1. i uploaded a video with a fraud link and they have voided their contract. LOL Now they are saying i cant leave this was the thing i broke. AND also when i signed i could leave anytime i want now im stuck in a 2 year contract that i signed with fake details.

    (G) Action Fraud. Provider will not, and
    will not authorize any third party to, directly or

    indirectly, generate automated,
    fraudulent, or otherwise invalid advertising actions. If, in

    BBTV’s reasonable business judgment,
    activity related to Provider Content or Claimed Video is

    suspected or determined to be so-called
    ‘action fraud’, ‘click fraud’, or ‘impression fraud’, or

    fraud of any other kind, whether in any
    automated or human way, by the use of a person,

    automated script or computer program, to
    click on any form of response mechanism, annotation,

    or advertising unit, or any other
    fraudulent means, to increase impressions, skew results or

    imitate a legitimate user of a web
    browser, BBTV may withhold any payments owed and has the

    right to terminate this Agreement until
    such time as the matter is resolved to BBTV’s reasonable


  2. I'm also partnered with BBTV (2 years ago) and I don't remember signing up a contract nor that I know how to check how long is my contract if i have one.

  3. Got an email. Said I'm interested. Glad I didn't sign anything until now. Should I answer that I am not interested anymore or just ignote that?

  4. We've been approached by a couple if networks one if which was BBTV, however I am very dubious as all I hear is bad service. Our channel is only small and we've just tipped 300 subs. We do youtube as a hobby and not sure if a network would benefit a channel so small what are your thoughts? If you don't mind me asking.

  5. Im going through what you weren't through in this video they just won't let me unlink can you give me advice on how u unlinked

  6. i just got the email , i open but i ignore it (I don't reply just open to read the email) . am I already contracted or maybe everyone that got that email has already sign up automatically ???

  7. ye im fucked off ive being trying to leave for 3 months i realised i should be making waaaay more than i am the fuckers r dickheads

  8. thanks so much. I've always been worried to join any partnerships. this will be another one I avoid 👍

  9. So basically they say anything to get a signed contract and they your there dangling my the short and curlies?

  10. I'm also locked into Broadband's partnership and and have been extremely unhappy with their service, and to be honest partnering with them has given me no real benefit that I haven't been doing on my own. Have you managed to unlink your channel by now? If so, then how?

  11. I just joined 3 days ago and realized it was a huge mistake. Im going to try to leave now. If anyone has any suggestions please help me 🙁

  12. Hey dude i have a channel just like you and I have a same problem with broadbandtv, can u inbox me your skype, i need some help 🙂 I can also help your channel later, but now please be kind and help me lol

  13. @MADagain I was thinking of joining Broadband TV. Do you recommend me to join? Also did you get your payments on time and what made you leave the network? Please reply, as I am thinking to join the network.

  14. yeah buddy, so did you finally leave bbtv? Im also with them and GTChannel want to take me in, but after seeing this I dont think itll happen. If you did finally get out, how did you do it?

  15. I know exactly how you feel buddy, I have been fighting with these people for a while now about releasing my channel after I was suckered into their network via an assortment of lies by one of their sub-networks. MREgamers was it's name and I warn anyone watching this video to STAY AWAY from Broadband TV as they do not care about their partners rights!


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