BREAKING NEWS! – Mikel Arteta Tests Positive! All Arsenal Games OFF



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  1. Here is a suggestion for you Don Robbie. Use mathematics. Liverpool has 82 points from 29 games, thats 2.8 points per game. They have 9 more games left so (2.8 X 9) + 82 = 107 points. And do the same for all other teams and you get your table standings. Cheers 🙂

  2. Feel for Mikel Arteta, i hope all Arsenal players are safe and i hope everyone around the world stays safe, Mikel is young and can survive well but i feel for guys like Roy Hodgson who are easier targets to(god forbid) become fatal. Stay Safe, this virus is not about Rivalry, we are one.

  3. write off rest of season, lives are more important than a shiny trophy. I can see this virus last for probably over a year until we find a cure.

  4. You can get it and i can get even Mikel Arteta can get it and Aubameyang can get it even Özil can get it so do it lets fall in love 😂😂

    Lol the Arsenal team got it long time ago thats why we playing so shite

  5. A huge Chelsea FC fan here, we wish Mikel a speedy recovery. I pray that all of the AFC players and their families are safe and I hope you guys at AFTV are okay.

  6. If it comes back in April how the hell can everyone play all their games Liverpool and the fa Cup are hanging in limbo

  7. Holyshit. Hope all gets better for Arteta and possibly others.

    Health first, football second.
    Because it is just a game after all. Life isn't.

  8. get all clubs together; play remaining games over just 45 minutes – 2 fixtures in a day ; use all the London grounds : get all remaining games over in 6 weeks that way : otherwise how relegate/ promote fairly ? (Arsenal and Coventry fan)

  9. Olympiakos owner is also owner of forest and visited the game last Friday shaking hands with fans etc so it’s not Olympiakos when they played arsenal it’s spreading from this country aswell ( not his fault either btw )

  10. Wishing Mikel and the rest of the players a speedy recovery, they are physically fit and should be just fine, its us the fans that need to be more wary. Its a good move to suspend football in such times and will delay the spread of the virus further so that our healthcare is not so overstretched with dealing with patients with much worse symptoms, so they can be treated in the best possible way. Best of health everyone, good luck, be cautious and above all, don't let panic sink in.

  11. Dear stranger who ever reading this comments may your mother father and rest of your family live over 100 years

  12. Our prayers must be for everyone that have the covd19.. get well soon.. their health is our no 1 priorities..

  13. I hope there will still be some AFTV content, a message to all gooners and everyone else, stay safe get well soon and Take care!😀👍🔴⚪️

  14. Not only did those wankers kick us out of Europe but now they’re trying to kill our manager: get well soon Mikel

  15. Get well very soon Mikel. Give the job to care taker manager for rest of season. Stop the negativity you dumb sheep's. Most of the squad will test negative for the virus. Keep the immune system top notch and no virus can touch you. Wake up android zombies.


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