Break Out Challenge Minecraft – Episode 8 – Minecraft 1.12 Modpack Adventure Map


The Crucible

In this adventure map/modpack for java Minecraft 1.12 by acanthea, we try to progress thru our world one layer at a time. How many layers? Let’s find out!

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Intro/Outro Music: Argofox: Harbinger – Warped

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  1. Hi Piggy. I’ve been trying to catch up on your sevtech ages series and therefore have been unable to comment. However, I have a solution to your water problem. Build an oak crucible and place it down. Then gather leaves from a tree with shears and place 4 leaves inside the crucible and poof you have one bucket worth of water! I hope this helps as you’ve been so very helpful to me in my efforts.

  2. Red Sand is a good source for iron. (need to sieve it)
    16:20 -answer: from the quest above you couldn't open yet ("I have the power")
    So proud you figured out the lava 😉
    As the process of getting lava together is a bit slow and you need quite a lot, you might want to look into making more porcelain -> unfired crucibles -> crucibles and set them up in a way you can have lave beneath them. (Lava to heat a crucible can be either source or flowing, so you can heat multiple crucibles with a single lava source.)
    For the block transformation move the lava to the stone barrel. (not sure where yours is, but i'm fairly sure it was part of an earlier quest)
    You will also need quite a bit of iron.

  3. The ore Piece are 2×2 recipe so you can press "k". The compressed stuff are 3×3 recipes, you can also press" k" but only if you open a crafting table.

  4. EPIC MODDED MINECRAFT FAIL # 189 for not following the classic modded skybox lava generating rule found in all skyblock type of packs like stone block, sky factory, Project ozone


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