Break Out Challenge Minecraft – Episode 28 – Minecraft 1.12 Modpack Adventure Map


Time to make some more advancements in Botania!

In this adventure map/modpack for java Minecraft 1.12 by acanthea, we try to progress thru our world one layer at a time. How many layers? Let’s find out!

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  1. Also bonemeal the mystical plants and then use your shears. More petals per flower – you’ll need a lot for various crafting items.

  2. You are going to need eggs, so a temporary egg farm might be a good idea, or just keep the chicken around long enough and check for drops. Also going to need milk and there is a cool down between milking. (Both are for optional quests in Botania) 

    The glue-y stuff to make diamonds is ender dust, the same substance you need to make ender pearls, and you could automate that as well, just run the crushed end stone you found in the basement through a diamond mesh.

    15:17 you have the lexica botanica open to the tutorial, but haven't read it yet it looks like. By following the red arrows it will lead you through several pages of information. The middle icon in the top row on that page (the one that looks kind of like a rose is the one you need. It gives a list of generating flowers. The main page has an entry titled "An Introduction to Generation", also helpful. The mod author uses the word *generation*, instead of *creation*. (Mana is a form of power and you would generate electricity not create it.)
    The endoflame (required for the optional quest "Endoflame") is the most basic of the generating flowers and is generally the one players are encouraged to start with. It produces mana from fuel like coal and charcoal. While this is technically in the optional quests it is very useful to do at this point. When it has fuel it shows a small flame animation to show its active. It can only use one piece at a time, so there isn't much sense in throwing down multiple items for a single flower.

    21:39 the other light grey petal wasn't used nor did it disappear. You planted it behind the petal apothecary. (Use bonemeal to grow it and shears to harvest for more petals without having to play around with flora fertiliser and hope to get the colour you need.)
    It was that sparkling stuff on the ground at 26:16, you picked up the light grey petal.

    24:26 you could watch a video on it, but if you want to try figuring it out for yourself read the tutorial in the lexica botanica in the order it asks you to (following the red arrows). Better to do off-camera as there is quite a bit of text to read and one should actually fully read not just skim over it.

  3. You need to transport the mana from the flower to the mana pool with the mana spreader. You need to aim the mana spreader at mana pool (with the wand of the forest)

  4. here is how mana worksgenerating flower(Endoflame) to Mana Spreader to mana Pool the best way to set it up is to place the mana pool down first. then near by the mana pool place the mana Spreader down( it will find the mana pool that's closest to it) then set down the Flower(endoflame) last. but you can use the wand of the forest to link stuff. but remember it flower to spreader to mana pool.the way the runic altar works is very similar too but just a few extra like this:Endoflame>mana spreader>Mana Pool>mana Spreader>Runic gets a lot more tricky after this.

  5. I think you need to use the mana spreader directed at the mana pool between it and the flowers to direct the mana produced into the pool. Done manually, you can only drop one item on the ground at a time per flower. Also, I don't believe it has to be directly on the flower but near enough that it will pick it up to burn.

    The automation works you just have to put it in a location where all the flowers can pick up the item to be burned. I believe you set it up so that the hoper drops the item onto a pressure plate. And I believe there is a bit of redstone involved to make the automation work if I remember correctly from watching DC work through Botania. I do know that mana production is essential for Botania and takes a bit of time to produce.


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