Welcome on board, Pilot!!

Kaiju is attacking the City.
You have to protect the citizens, do not let the kaiju reaching our headquarters.

The BRACER PHOENIX is ready and you must use it NOW!!


Introducing the latest Robot Damashii Line up from Bandai and Tamashii Nations. Taken straight from the movie of Pacific Rim Uprising.

Now you can have your favorite jaegers stands heroically on your display shelves!!
Get them fast ONLY at Multi Toys.

This Jaegers has a lot of awesome features such as:

– 24 Points of Articulations (ball joints, pivots, double jointed, and abdominal rotation)
– Extra accessories, (Vortex Cannons).
– Interchangeable hand.
– Great details
– Awesome decals application.
– Superb Paint quality!
– Affordable Price!
– Badass box design concept.

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Thank you so much Multi toys for the endorsment.

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