Boy Racers SHUT DOWN Street at Car Meet


Slammed LDN and MPIREuk’s crazy meet at Ace Café. From AMG and M Power burnouts to Bike wheelies to JDM drifting to Aventador flames, this event had it all!
The Ace Café marshals were very good at controlling the meet to the best of their ability, and even refused entry for anyone caught doing anything antisocial.
I hope you enjoy the video regardless, after 7 hours of editing!
Thanks to @Munch997 and @LKhorizon for letting me borrow their batteries for this evening!

American and German customers simply search ‘AdamC3046’ on Amazon.

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  2. what does a new set of rear tires cost for high-end luxury german car ?! and what kind of damage is the gearbox taking? yikes … fun but never buy a car like this from Arthur Daley!

  3. Thanks for the vid, but the two step anti lag flamejob is total douchebaggery, just like wearing your hat backwards and ear gauges, look what i can do!

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  5. is this how you should treat such good cars ? I wonder how many of these cars end up as ' one previous owner –approved used '

  6. These guys with really nice cars don’t respect them, if I had an m3 worth £40000 I wouldn’t do burnouts it’s crazy. They’ve got too much money that’s why they don’t care.??

  7. Come down to Southampton for a change why not give everybody the chance to see your wonderful powered cars indeed.

  8. Not one of your best vids Adam. Have been to Ace on a couple of occassions, but its a breeding ground for nutters, not somewhere i would want to take my car again.

  9. Lol rented bmw's merc's and supercar #all he can do is rev it up lol………..Great Video AC keep up the good wook…….
    2019 I will be bk at the meets in my R33

  10. same old…i might invest in a old large ww2 tank/merlin engine and put it on a trailer. start it up with no manifolds on and watch people go deaf haha…27 litre engine on full tilt.

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