Boxhead 2play Rooms the easy way to 999 with maximum difficulty level


This video shows a very easy way to reach 999 multiplier with maximum difficulty settings (nightmare and devils).

The first round is a setup round, the second and the third rounds are to show how the strategy works and the rest of the video is fast forwarded to show how the strategy works in the long run.

The key issue in this strategy is to use fake walls to control zombie movements and destroying devils as soon as they enter the arena from the one fixed entry point.

There are no cheats used and the difficulty level is at maximum (devils are on). The game is started at the nightmare mode just to speed things up (and starting with all possible weapons), but if you want you can of course start at a lower difficulty level, play up to the point where you reach fake walls and then apply this strategy.

Using this strategy, you should reach the 999 multiplier in about ten minutes and you can continue to play for as long as you like with a minimal risk of losing. Note that after the setup round you can keep on firing almost constantly despite a few breaks when you collect more ammo.

If you can’t get this trick to work, post a video of your game so I can take a look and hopefully provide you some assistance.


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  1. hey all score big glitch for 50+ walls
    and high scores max level 100+
    and bigger game 2007, the year
    forever, i glitch for my gameplay


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