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Using the prayer posture, instructor Danielle Gaudette demonstrates the Bowing Exercise. This moving meditation opens an important energy pathway, opens the chest and spine, increases circulation and quiets the mind.
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Body & Brain Yoga is a dynamic mind-body practice originating in Korea that combines stretching, flowing movement, deep breathing exercises and meditation in a simple and easy to learn format
that focuses on the development of the body’s core strength as the basis of physical, mental, and spiritual health.



  1. I watch and follow Body and Brain almost daily. A very good video and the way it is taught step by step is great. My insomnia has cleared and able to sleep well. Thank God for a good solution.

  2. ✅🌈I feel this is an excellent way to learn bowing to move the mind body together. The moderations helped and I also found that as I lifted back up while on my knees that if I took a very deep breathe it helped me to lift back up to the standing position. ✅I am practicing everyday!

  3. Bowing exercise can be an incredibly powerful moving meditation, see how here #bowing #dahnyoga

  4. Bowing exercise can be an incredibly powerful moving meditation, see how here #bowing #dahnyoga

  5. Also very helpful for calming the mind and being soothed.  I plan on incorporating this in to my routine daily.

  6. This is a very healing exercise!  It helps with spinal alignment for my body and with back pain!  So happy I know this exercise, I do it every day 🙂

  7. Bowing meditation helps me feel healthy, happy and peaceful.  The daily practice helps me stay focused and centered on my vision. 

  8. Bowing exercise has benefits for your body, but it is a spiritual practice too by focusing on the humility and surrender which are essential in spiritual growth.

  9. Bowing is meditation and dance.  Whenever I need to make a big decision or stressful or unhappy, I do Bowing practice and recover my zero point.  Really Gooooooooooood!

  10. It is quite a beautiful moving meditation that I have used for years to connect my body, mind, soul together as one.  Great action for personal and global transformation. My body gets warm, circulating, chakras open, mind calms down. 

  11. I really enjoy doing bowing in the late evening to calm my mind before going to sleep. This is an excellent explanation of the steps for beginners.

  12. Beautiful practice to connect with oneself and a great exercise for the whole body! This has helped strengthen my back!

  13. This is a excellent moving meditation. It really helps to quiet my mind and loosen up my body. I try to do it most mornings.

  14. For people with high strung nerves bowing really helps to calm down. Bowing before sleep makes me peaceful and I sleep very well. Also it helps to correct the pelvis and spine.

  15. This is the most effective practice for activating and connecting with body, mind and spirit and integrating them as one. As a result you can achieve good energy and blood circulation and find peace of mind.

  16. I can release all the negative thought and busy mind while doing bow exercise. My energy changed and my brain awakened after this exercise.  

  17. Bowing Meditation helps unify mind, body & spirit. I have been doing this for years and the efforts are quite amazing.

  18. I love bow moving meditation in the morning. It helped me to set the course for the day. My mind becomes clear, energy circulating in my body, and I feel so happy and refreshed. 

  19. I find bowing to be the perfect holistic exercise. The movements are simple enough for anyone to easily do and it benefits your mind and body. I find that as I practice this exercise my mind becomes calm, I feel the stiffness in my muscles and joints gradually loosen and overall I feel more energized and invigorated for the rest of my day.

  20. Thank you for showing the variations of bowing. It is helpful to share with other people several methods for great circulation and mind calming. 

  21. Bowing Exercise is one of my favorites.  I can really feel my mind much calmer even after 21 repetitions. It allows me to feel lots of heat and circulation throughout my body.


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