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Happy Light Luminous Primer
Healthy Mix Serum Foundation 55 + 56
Radiance Reveal Concealer – 02
Healthy Mix Concealer – Light
Healthy Balance Powder – Vanille
Maxi Delight Bronzer
Little Round Pot Eyeshadow – Generose, Utaupique, Mauve Star, Noctam Brune
Little Round Pot Blusher – Coral Temptation + Golden Lilac
Volume Clubbing Liquid Liner – Black
Contour Clubbing Waterproof Eyeliner – Ultra Black
Volume 1 Second Mascara – Ultra Black
Eyebrow Pencil – Brun Brunette
Rouge Velvet Edition – 10 Don’t Pink of It
3D Effect Gloss – Romantic Rose

BOURJOIS range available here:

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  1. Your video is the last I found for BOURJOIS however the most helpful as your more my skin tone super informative…Thanks for sharing 🤩

  2. Bourjois Blushes are The Best in the world! I have one of them for like 10 years now and It´s still in a great shape. It NEVER ENDS. I feel like I will able to use it until I die. After all this years it doesn´t even Smell like this old cosmetics. It´s still like new and still soooooo pigmented. Reccomended 100%.
    This make up you´ve made loooks SOOOO Pretty i loved It!

  3. Can u do a makeup look with only MAC products? Like it's my fav brand and I'd love to see you wearing them up❤️❤️❤️

  4. girlll I know the video is a year old but I still need to know: in your video you say you use the foundation in shade 55 and 56, but on the screen is says 55 and 58… which one is it? lol

  5. Ёууууу Я одна похуду русачка 😹😹Как там у вас говорится ( да и у нас тоже ) OMG

  6. bourgeoi has they own eye shadow palette and I think for mascara you should try pushup volume glamour its my favourite mascara

  7. Can't believe the quantity of foundation this girl is putting on her face, when she has a nice and young skin to start with… she will only ruin her skin on the long term…

  8. I so hate this foundation, it's sticky and thick on the skin. I'm talking about the foundation not serum. I cant wait to get rid of it.

  9. So beautiful. Bourjois used to be available in the US. Amazon sells some of their products. I wish they would come back to the states! I love your nails, BTW 🙂


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