Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Review: Is it worth it?


With its 360 degree sound, is it worth upgrading to the Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus from the Bose Soundlink 3?


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  1. The Bose Revolve is POS. It’s only use paper weight. Can stress enough to avoid at all over priced cost. One of the worst products and customer support experiences ever. I own three other speakers and all work without issue paired with any sound source. Not the Bose…garbage crap..

  2. Anyone considering to purchase Bose Revolve Plus, I don't recommend it. Bose keeps on degrading its quality through firmware updates including sound quality. The 250 euro speaker literally turned into a 50 euro speaker. Especially, the auto-on feature that was introduced in firmware version 1.5 has been a huge fucking pain the ass because the speaker automatically connects when a Windows 10 laptop boots up even when I don't want it to connect. This issue is exacerbated by the fact that Bose does not give users the choice to turn off this feature. Despite numerous complaints lodged by the customers throughout the year, Bose has largely remained aloof and refuses to address the issue to this day.

  3. Thanks for the review Mark.

    Do you know if connects to WiFi too? Considering buying for outside party, but also want to start building home speakers….

    Will it connect up with Soundtouch 10 or Home Speaker 300 when I purchase?


  4. Hi 🙂 Just wanted to ask why the volume control doesn't react via the buttons and only when I connect with the phone ? 🤔 Thx

  5. Just bought the Bose revolve plus and the sound quality is fantasic. Great sound and the bass is deep and puncher to. It is way better then that crappy megaboom UE 3.

  6. I bought the bose revolve plus Bluetooth speaker and i am very happy with it to. The sound quality is very good very well balance sound and gives more natural sound to. The bass took me by surprise its very puncher with good strong bass.

  7. Own two and they're unique but then again aren't as loud for certain genres of music if you listen to bass heavy music it tends to cancel out the highs and mids slightly and with the bass its nothing special at all

  8. I need a good speaker to take to the basketball gym any recommendations ? Something loud but clear would this revolve work fine ? I’m scarred it won’t be loud enough ?


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