Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus Review!


Our review of Bose’s new Soundlink Revolve Plus Bluetooth 360 Speaker.

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  1. +C4ETech Would you recommend the Bose Sound Link Revolve+ If you own the Bose sound link 3, or the Sound link mini 2? Is this speaker louder than those 2 older bluetooth speakers! I'm thinking about purchasing the Sound Link Revolve+. Every time I walk into Best Buy to look at the Sound Link Revolve+, I always feel a little fooled by the size of this bluetooth speaker since it has a cylindrical shape to it! Maybe, if I purchase this speaker, I'll give it a lot of time while getting use to the shape, and feel of it, along with the 360 degree sound. Lol. I'm always use to bluetooth speakers that are shaped like a normal rectangle. If I purchase the Sound Link Revolve+ one of these days, I'll definitely purchase a second one, so I can try out the party mode feature. I just wanted a final suggestion in reguarding this speaker, before purchasing one from my local best buy! I can't wait to hear your feedback! All hail Bose!

  2. m using logitech x50 for abt an yr… outputs crystal clear sound and meets the budget…diz one's too expensive

  3. is the revolve plus worth the extra bucks over the smaller revolve? Or am i better off going with the soundlink mini 2?


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