Bose SoundLink Revolve and Revolve Plus ratchet up the sound quality


While they’re expensive, Bose’s new cylindrical wireless Bluetooth speakers deliver excellent sound for their compact size.

Read the CNET Editors Take here –

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  1. Why both speakers don’t have the carrying handle? So you have to spend an extra $100 bucks for a slightly larger speaker and a carrying handle.

  2. please do not buy UE boom ….one of the poorest speaker for 120 euros
    I repent everyday…bose is the best with all the models
    soundlink mini 2 is good enough for all purpose

  3. I am going backpacking in January. Do you think i should but the revolve + or Revolve? I have a 70l Backpack so plenty of room but is it worth the extra buck + weight + size. do i really need the extra sound that the Revolve + offers for playing at hostel, beach, bar, camping, hiking etc??

  4. The Revolve is not that great, the B&O Beoplay A1 and P2 as well as the JBL Flip 4 are MUCH better speakers. The P2 speaker is CHEAPER then the Bose Revolve. You guys should really actually PLAY sound on SPEAKERS you review, how many years and not one actual SOUND TEST on any speakers you show.

  5. you compared the 300$ revolve with 3 100$ much smaller and lighter speakers it is obvious that they cant sound better. compare it to equal size and weight speakers such as the megaboom The xtreme, the HK go and play, the vifa Helsinki or the sony xb 40 !
    you really dont seem to have ANY knowledge about Bluetooth speakers or you want to trick your viewers on purpose…

  6. I got mine AND ITS AMAZING I showed it off to my friends and my Bose sounded so much better then there other JBL and other Bluetooth Speakers that they had


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