Bose Soundlink III vs Soundlink Wireless Music System audiotest


Just wanted to show how the new Soundlink III sounds to its bigger brother and old model Soundlink Wireless Music System which actually is based on the popular and meanwhile discontinued Sounddock Portable model. The recent Soundlink Air sounds nearly equal as does the Soundtouch 20, which are all based on the same acoustic design.

While the much smaller Soundlink Mini can compete quite well with the Soundlink III as shown here: the Soundlink III on the other hand doesn’t manage to keep up with the bigger one. The big one having deeper and more profound bass, without being that boomy as the Soundlink III. Maybe with the Soundlink IV Bose manages to scale up the sound a little bit while keeping size of the speaker down in the same way as they managed with the Soundlink Mini!

Recording distance 1m, audio recorded with Zoom H1



  1. Would you be able to crown a favorite Bluetooth speaker that's larger than the charge 3 and more afordable than the Helsinki?

  2. Do you have an outdoor comparison of these two models? LOVE your videos. So useful in deciding which speakers to buy. Thanks!

  3. Very useful comparison, thanks! in your experience how many hours of medim volume playback with BT on can you get with the old Soundlink Wireless? cheers!

  4. A very good comparison, absolutely fantastic. I have a mini at the moment, but portability for me is not so important since I use my mini on the table all the time, so I am considering about the soundlink air. As you mentioned that the soundlink air sounds almost identical to soundtouch 20, could you please tell me which one sounds better? mini or wireless (or soundtouch 20, air or any bose speaker based on the same acoustic design)? 

  5. Just wondering if it would be possible for you to make a video comparing the Bose SoundDock III and the SoundLink III?

  6. If you had to pick… Which would you choose?  A mint Wireless system or a new Soundlink III (warranty and price not withstanding!)  Your comparisons have me leaning toward the old Wireless system.  (Love your stuff!!)

  7. I've got an old soundock portable, would it be worthwhile getting a soundlink 3 or mini to replace it or just get a iPod to Bluetooth adapter?


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