Bose SoundLink III Speaker in 2018? Watch This Before you buy!


Bose SoundLink III Speaker in 2018? Watch This Before you buy!

Though a little pricey, the S$499 Bose SoundLink III Speaker has one major thing that makes it stand out from its competitors. What’s that? Watch this video to find out!

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Equipment used –
Camera – Sony A6000
Lens: SEL50F18
Microphone: Shure MV51
NLE: Final Cut Pro X, Apple Motion
Cover: Adobe Illustrator

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  1. My speaker turns itself off after 1 hr playing. . . . Battery is fully charged (green) . . . . switch it back on and its ok again . . . . . any ideas why?????

  2. This is the first review on a product i have ever done..

    I am using it as i type this and the Sound Link III is the best Bose product i have bought.

    Had it for a while, it's survived endless parties and numerous countries and still delivers exquisitely!

    Buy It.

  3. Your music background it's much too loud and very annoying. I couldn't listen to the full video because of it. It's pity because you made a great video tutorial.
    I hope for you that I am the only one reacting on it.

  4. My SoundLink II is awesome! Had it for 5 years, just bought a new battery because rechargeable batteries don't recharge forever

  5. this bose soundlink 3 is great super speaker ever and now i
    don't had to carry wire speaker anywhere n sound is superb but its little costly no matter if u love music dont ever use it without original cover n yes travel bag for long life n carefull before buying cheap r also there i mean Duplicate .one thing I use it with jet audio mobile paid app it's just make u crazy try my 10 yr old son love it. …from India bombay city..

  6. is there difference betn right and left channel sound level, as i figured out that upper right driver produces less sound(less ohm) less highs compared to other three drivers, anyone noticed the same?

  7. Wow when was this released? And it is still going strong. The question is when will Bose announce the Soundlink 4. ?????????


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