Bose Soundlink III – REVIEW



Bose Soundlink III – Bose Soundlink II – Reviewed
Tested and showcased its quality in construction and sound test included.

Bose Soundlink 3

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  1. This is a very well-designed product๏๏>ҟ  I use it on my pool deck. Sound is excellent, well-balanced between bass and treble, with all the power you need. Very user-friendly interface. Especially impressive is the way in which the speakers are ported because there is no one spot from which the sound is coming — it seems to be everywhere, which is important with only one "box" so to speak. Usually with these things I immediately start looking for ways to enhance and improve it, but truthfully, that is unnecessary with this product. It is truly a plug-'n-play item. The work is all done for you, and that is what you are paying for. Highly recommended.

  2. My wife bought this. It's pretty impressive except like all of these bluetooth thing-ey's, there's no friggin' stereo imaging. For the same price (she paid nearly $500) you can get the amazing Bose Wave tabletop stereo. That unit is what Bose does better than anybody. The sound is unreal.

  3. What is the Soundlink III killer now in 2018? Was looking at this and the audioengine B2 but I would certainly prefer something portable. also weighing the Anker Soundcore Boost.

  4. Nice review ! Altough I have a question: Is the soundstage on the Bose soundlink 3 as wide and open as 2 stereospeakers in a room ? Thanx already in advance.

  5. is there difference betn right and left channel sound level, as i figured out that upper right driver produces less sound, less highs compared to other three drivers, anyone noticed the same?

  6. Thank you for all your reviews. I was able to make a wise choice purchasing this speaker thanks to your awesome reviews. I LOVE IT!


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