BORUTO Chapter 38 — JIGEN Vs. Naruto & Sasuke FINALE – EXPLAINED!


Isshiki Otsutsuki hmmmmmm…. Kaguya it seems like your world is about to get blown away!
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  1. So I got some stuff potentially wrong in this review/ – Explain video —
    -Theres the potential that what came out of Jigen's body are black rods meaning that he possibly has them implemented inside of his body kinda like Shino with his bugs.
    -Not saying that Amado and Jigen's science arent responsible for this however they indeed look more like his size manipulation abilities Vs. the body transformation abilities weve seen from Kawaki in the manga.

  2. Explain this to me. If karma creates the perfect vessel for an Otsutsuki by changing the DNA of the karma holder, how can Jigen not be a good vessel? It says the body can't handle karma but when you chance the DNA shouldn't the body be able to? Or is it that the body can't survive the process of the transformation?

  3. The fight was just a joke but I didn't expect anything else. If they don't make Sasuke and Naruto seem weaker then they really are the show isn't going to progress in any direction. They didn't really gave 100% of their power and the way they went down was just way to easy.

  4. lol if this was kisikmoto wrighting this i bet narutoa dn sauske would ve of used of there moves and nto just kicks and punches

  5. Iishiki easily overpowered two star lvl characters, Kaguya is solar system lvl and hes stronger than her so how powerful is he?

  6. Maybe Sasuke should be given the Totsuka blade and Yata mirror, he already got Itachi's eyes anyway. Also he should accept the Hashirama cell prosthetic arm.

    And it's time Naruto also learned the Flying Raijin and Uzumaki seals.

    Maybe with the new challengers they would give them some power ups

  7. Sad to hear sasuke and naruto defeated.. But anyway practically need rematch.. It seems nuruto is lack of focus during the fight he is busy of being a hokage..naruto and sasuke is a strong shinobi..sasuke need hashirama cell to his left arm..just naruto did.. 💪💪💪✌️🤘😠😠😠

  8. Orochimaru might have some ideas about the Karma. Who knows his cursed seal is based on the Karma knowledge he has been keeping all this while. The cursed seal is the rebirth seal for orochimaru, even rebirthed twice already via Sasuke & Kabuto

  9. To be honest its good to have a villain who can overpower them because the anime would get nowhere if they just kept defeating every single villain

  10. カーマとか訳わからん連中に六道の力を持つナルトとサスケが負けるはずねーよ。そこら辺しっかりしてほしい

  11. まじで変なことしないでほしい。

  12. if the animator are smart enough…they will added an extra fight scene and made naruto and sasuke more badass
    (like demon slayer ep19)

  13. One awesome way to defeat Jigen is for Sasuke to use Edo Tensei to bring Madara and Obito back, along with using all the tailed beasts to manifest the same ultimate Susanoo he used during his last Naruto fight to the death. The level of fapping done by Naruto fanboys the world over could produce enough electricity to power Konoha village! LOL

  14. Just watched all of naruto n naruto shippuden in last 2 months. Not watching boruto… Its trash its like..

    Boruto = DB GT

    They didnt happen akira toriyama didnt make GT n kishimoto didn't make boruto…

  15. dude on Sasuke hes been power down since he lost hes arm dude hes a pussy compared to when he had his arm and fought Naruto the last time


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