Here are the Borderlands 3 PC requirements – Minimum and recommended that you will need to be able to run the game. You can see in the video the Borderlands 3 minimum and recommended PC requirements to run borderlands 3 when it releases on September 2019.


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  1. can my lame Athlon 200GE + RX 470 4GB even run this game? Low (very) settings, 30 FPS? Im upgrading my CPU in November.

  2. I run a fucking 1600 and a rx580 and my shits runs pretty the only prob I have is it won't start the first time I start my gwme

  3. I mean, it doesn’t look wildly hard to run compared to the 2nd I’m sure I’ll be able to neck it out in minimum until I get a new GPU

  4. I think it's too high. they should work more on optimization. I love running high specs but I'm not going to go drop $250+ just to run the game. I can run it btw)
    They'd be wize to widen those specs a bit more. There's no reason I can think of, that they can't give you the option to run it on 4 gigs of ram and 1 gig of vram for those people who have a more basic system.
    I hate having to go into the game files and optimize/alter when they could have made that an in-game feature.

    Seems more sensible to be able to reach a wider audience …but maybe they have deals with the hardware companies.

     I love the games but I'll abandon them of the developers become assholes.

  5. If it's more then Borderlands 2 UHD edition 4k maxed then we are going to have to travel to the future to get a VTX Nvidia thunder 4080ti OC with i10 9010k 8.9ghz

  6. you got your information from some random ass site, yea better wait for actuall confirmation and not believe everything right away. -.-


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