Borderlands 3 on Low End PC gets a bit weird


Can you play Borderlands 3 on low end PC? An AMD Athlon 200GE? An IntelHD? Is there any way to improve your benchmarking results? Maybe, with some creative tweaks. Let’s take a look.

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  1. this looks awful why would you even want to play on these settings? If your pc cant handle 1080p mid settings you should buy a new one or stop playing games and safe the mony for a new pc.

  2. now i wish this were possible for the ps4 version… the splitscreen is almost unplayable with constant lags and as soon as there are more than four enemies, you can enjoy your 20 fps console experience… just to clarify, i play it by a friend, i would never spent money on something like that 😀

  3. your videos got me through my gpu drought but i still stick around because its very interesting how you squeeze so many fps from such little hardware

  4. funny thing, after watching my 1st videos from this channel, I understood every games (from my experience so far) have a Nintendo 64 (low polygon) version wich i love !


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