Borderlands 2 (Graphic Update) – Max Settings (+PhysX) – GTX 1060 6GB | i7 8700k [1080p]


*Borderlands 2 running on the new graphic update: Ultra HD Texture Pack

0:35 (PhysX test)
1:25 (heavy explosive combat)
3:00 (driving in desert)
4:00 (combat and physx test)
4:55 (ice map)
6:05 (heavy explosive combat)

– Recorded with Shadowplay –

Drivers version: 419.67


CPU: i7 8700k @ 3.7Ghz
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15
GPU: GTX 1060 G1 [6GB]
RAM: 16GB [2×8] 3200Mhz
PSU: 650w – EVGA Supernova 650 G2
Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-A II
SSD: Crucial MX500 500GB
HDD: Western Digital Blue 1TB
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Case: Fractal Design Meshify C

Links to the PC parts:


*CPU Cooler*










  1. Bruh im playing the game with same pc anf the fps are always going down like i play w same settings and optimized with geforce experience

  2. Hiya Nose!
    I've been watching your content for a while and I kept wondering
    Are you by any chance saving up for a newer GPU or are you gonna stick with the 1060 for a while? (I can understand why, it's performing quite well)
    Or do you already own newer parts but just use the 1060 for videos?

  3. I see they still didn't bother to fix the pixelated glow texture on guns. Dissapointed but everything else looks nice.

  4. Time stamps:

    0:35 (PhysX test)
    1:25 (heavy explosive combat)

    3:00 (driving in desert)

    4:00 (combat and physx test)

    4:55 (ice map)

    6:05 (heavy explosive combat)

    What is Ultra HD Texture Pack:

    The Ultra HD Texture Pack is a free visual upgrade available to both new and existing product owners. On PC, players will have the option to download the texture pack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2 separately.

    • The Ultra HD Texture Pack includes:

    • Remastered 4K environment textures, including geometry and skyboxes

    • Remastered 4K characters and vehicles

    • Remastered 4K weapon meshes and textures

    • Improved Anti-Aliasing, including improved edge line implementation

    • — This includes improved ink line definition and framing/outline around character models

    • Higher Resolution Dynamic Shadows

    • — Improved quality and smoothness of shadows, especially during movement

    • Improved Screen Space Ambient Occlusion

    • –An improved SSAO method for more realistic ambient lighting


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