Bootstrap tutorial 8 – Typography Classes


In this tutorial I show you how to use some boostrap typography elements and classes like blockquotes, small tags and headings.

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  1. Quentin, I looked at a lot of youtube tutorials before I found yours, and yours is by far the most logical and thorough. Thank you so much!

  2. I am using bootstrap 4 inside of and the "<blockquote> did not work for me, I had to add a class to both the blockquote element and footer element to get it to look yours:

    <blockquote class="blockquote">
    <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Quibusdam dolorem animi, dicta aperiam nostrum debitis asperiores nihil ut hic inventore illo consectetur quod iste vero id, quae odio! Cum, suscipit.</p>
    <footer class="blockquote-footer">quote from someone famous</footer>

  3. Here's a cool tip, if you type "lorem" then press "tab" on your keyboard, it will generate a lorem ipsum paragraph for you.

  4. You needed to zoom in more on the examples I could barely see them could not even see the line on the text that was deleted.

  5. Thanks for the video's! I just started learning Bootstrap today and they're really helpful.

    I understand this is about typography and not page structure but I would still like to point something out. For semantic and/or SEO reasons the H tags are very important. If the text you put between the SMALL tags inside the H1 isn't really part of the title or not as important, it might be wise to keep it out of that H1 tag altogether.

  6. I do enjoy these videos… it's like a refresher course, its been months since i made my first bootstrap site…

    i struggle with placing items in specific locations on the screen, i now think of the screen as a grid!

  7. Hi Quentin I like your tutorials. I came just for a quick intro into what this bootstrap thing is (their website just says its really popular and designed for everyone). Somehow I am up to number 14 and probably end up watching all your videos.

    One thing I was thinking is with things like aligning text which as you say is easy to do in bootstrap it is also easy in css I think. What is the advantage of using bootstrap and their class tags for things like this?

  8. Feel the need to point out that most of the tags shown are not exclusive to Bootstrap.  Small, mark, etc work just as well in regular HTML.  I believe Bootstrap is only used when manipulating the 'class' field of any tag.


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