Bootstrap Tutorial #26 – Modal Pop-ups


Yo ninjas, in this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a modal pop-up using Bootstrap. Modals can be used to display more info about something, or capturing data etc.

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  1. I have serious problem with nested <div> tags. I mean, why do we have so deep <div> tags wrapping around our things. Is there a rule of thumb to know how deep we should nest our <div> tags. Is there anyone who knows how to organize divs enlighten me please!

  2. Hey this is really nice. Can you make a video on how this modal going to work with WordPress. I mean how o implement this on a CMS like WordPress?

  3. Thank you it was nice but how can I use modal or a form used in modal from external file that could be html file too?

  4. thankyou so much, this really helps me to understand! but anyway i have a question, how do you create multiple modals on the same page? i tried but it just doesnt seem to work :/

  5. is there a way to change the position of the modal somewhere closer to the 'more info' button? change the size of its window etc.?


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