Bootstrap Tutorial #23 – Panels


Hey gang, in this Bootstrap tutorial we’re going to take a look at panels. Panels in Bootstrap, are essentially a way to put your content into ‘blocks’ with a header section, main content section and a footer section. They can be used in conjunction with contextual classes to give them a different look and feel.

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  1. so if I want to do any changes or styles doing that by add "class", is that right?
    I hope you answer ! except that your tutorials are great and easy to understand thank you

  2. Hello, I'm new to Bootstrap and it seems like there's no "Panel" class in Bootstrap 4. Can you tell me what can I use to have the same effect? I wanted to create a table using panel headings and bodies but it's not supported in Bootstrap 4…

  3. i really hate when bootstrap developers did this, they called the header panel-heading but called the footer panel-footer, what a bunch of nitwits, cant they keep the naming consistent


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