Bootstrap tutorial 13 – Horizontal forms


In this tutorial I show you how to use bootstrap to make a horizontal form.

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  1. This particular video has streaming problems. All the rest of these excellent Bootstrap tutorial videos up to this point stream fine.

  2. hello!!! Quentin Watt. Your videos are awesome. could you please also tell form required in bootstrap. or basic form validation. Thanks.

  3. @***** I've not tested this but I would guess that, for the email text box for example, you could add the class col-md-6 (or whatever width you want) so the line would read.
    <div class="col-sm-10 col-md-6">
    This would mean that the text box would take up the remaining 10 columns one a small screen but only 6 more columns on a medium or large screen (remember that the label takes up the first 2 columns).
    So if you wanted it to only fill half of the space on a medium screen you could use col-md-4 instead. Then, the label would take up 2 cols, the text box 4 and the remaining 6 would be blank.
    As I said, I've not tested this, this is just what I've gleaned from Quentin's excellent tutorials.


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