Bootstrap Studio and introduction to Ecommerce using Paypal


Bootstrap Studio BSS and integrating Paypal and interesting concept and hopefully it can teach people the beginnings of how things are done regarding Ecommerce sites.



  1. Thanks for the tutorial. When i try to add the dropdown options in the PayPal create button like quantity or color selection. it does not show in Bootstrap Studio. something is not allowing it to work. can you please advise in how to make the dropdown selections work?  thanks

  2. Good topic but please be more assertive and prepare your video content before hand. It is so painful to watch you trying to type less than a dollar in a box! Even ended up with £070 for £0.70!!! Very painful…

  3. Great thanks man can you tel me what version of bootstrap studio your using. the one im using its not showing preview when i mouse over to component area footer or nav or header etc.

  4. Hi Nightshooter, thanks so much for you informative video's I'm gradually going through your entire BSS playlist and finding them very helpful. Have you ever been asked by a client to use buy now buttons in the same style as a their website rather than the standard yellow Paypal buttons? and if you have how did you do it?

  5. hey nightshooter have you every messed with this Website Builder called WYSIWYG Web Builder 12 man i think it's Awesome!!! have a looky


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