Bootstrap Studio – 15 Powerful Features


In this video we will show you 15 powerful Bootstrap Studio features that will help you save time and be more productive:
00:14 – Component drag & drop
01:46 – Selection and component options
02:06 – Realtime preview
02:42 – Responsive tools
03:20 – Beautiful HTML
03:34 – Built-in themes
03:42 – Integrated icon fonts
03:58 – Multi-page designs
04:34 – Linked components
05:42 – Custom components
06:48 – Importing assets
07:31 – Writing HTML
08:24 – Smart CSS editing
09:03 – JavaScript editing
09:18 – Link external resources



  1. Please create some new videos showing the current version (5.0.2)! I think you would make this a popular app if only there were a lot more engagement on social media (especially YouTube).

  2. Why don't you take charge of making this fantastic tool more publicized? I recommended it in my office and almost all the Front End team used it

  3. I like the linked components feature.
    however I ask myself, if the alternative of creating a template, that can be filled with content on different pages, the way template generators like Jinja2 work. {% include [content] %} or {% extends [template] %}

  4. This will not replace learning how it works. This is a layer of abstraction and it can help to get something done without getting into details but it does not take long to hit a roadblock and you are lucky if they have a mini template or solution for you.

    The bottom line is there are many alternatives and there are HTML Templates that are drag and drop and are very easy to work with – and you what those tools provide for you fits your needs – more power to you. But like others mentioned here – if you want to do custom stuff and understand it and be confident that you can make a change and not break stuff – you are better off learning it from scratch.

  5. just learn how to code people. cmon. after like a week of learning html and css itll probably take you just as long to hand code this stuff.


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