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How to make Collapse Panel with Bootstrap Responsive framework-Make Collapsible Content. Follow us on facebook:


In this tutorial we have detailed about how to build up the content part of a bootstrap tab-pane with collapsing panel. This will reveal the collapsing action of content panel on clicking each tab-pane list items with hyperlink references. In this part, we skipped the installation of font awesome icons; instead we tested the proper div imposition and alignment with some text contents inside. Another thing, if we do not use a proper and conventional method along with the classes used in Bootstrap responsive framework, there is a possibility on loading the page, user may skip the content within the tab-list as there is no visible content in the first place to draw user’s attention. Hence, provision must be made in order such that when your page loads, there is a prominent and highlighted collapsed panel segment with contents visible to the user.

Things those we are about to learn in this tutorial are:

1) how to create collapsed panel
2) Proper placement of divs with IDs those were created in the tab-
pane list items
3) Creating Nested grids within each div ID
4) Using the clearfix class in order to set the divs properly in the
content wrapper
5) Placing contents (texts in this tutorial) into proper divs.
6) Making the proper tab-list active along with its data content to
make visible on page loading.
Hope this will aid you in coding your own template. Enjoy Learning!!

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