Bootstrap 4 Tutorial [#4] Landing Page with full page background image


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  1. Hey, if u have to scroll to get ur image – then you placed it in incorrect block. If it's like: <div "mai backgraund"></div> <div "mai text"></div> then it will NOT be background of your text, it will be background of the first div.

    If you want to apply background to the whole page, whole document, apply class "full-bg-image" to <body>, should do the trick

  2. I have exactly the same problem as the person below (Manuel). I have literally tried anything and everything. I have used the URL of the image, put the image in the img/ folder, put an image of my own in the img/ folder, copied the exact code from the MDB site via "View Source", nothing! The answers on the forum do not lead to any result neither. What's next, please?

  3. When I do this my full background image is covered by a FULL WHITE BACKGROUND. I have to scroll up to see the image I want as the full background image. Any ideas what is causing that???

  4. Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge with us. When you enter text that you want to display as a comment for example "Main Navigation" how do you wrap it on comment tags. When I enter CTRL+/ another split window opens up instead. What key combination / binding are you using?


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