Bootstrap 4 Sidebar Menu Responsive with Sub menu


Bootstrap 4 Sidebar Menu Responsive with Submenu

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  1. Hello FrontEndFunn.. this was very nice tutorial… I am looking for creating the same structure inside the html page as a left tree menu.. so on click on one main link on my nav bar, I would like to show this tree menu on left and main html body on right hand.. do you have a video for that requirement..?

  2. Bro it's not working i have used code from your site included bootstrap cdn links and linked css and js files to html but could not find the error. Toggler button not showing.plz help

  3. Hi, thanks for tutorial. but i've got some problem
    I use ruby on rails, I put the JS to application.js
    so far so good but when I deploy, I've tried in my phone, the burger menu is not work in chrome, also in my safari
    and when I click one of the links in the burger menu and move to other page, burger menu will closed but it doesn't work anymore unless I refresh the page.
    any idea why?

    edit: the bootstrap that i used is Bootstrap 4.0

  4. 14:12 – The $.open in $.open { transform: translateX(0); } in CSS didn't work for me. Anyone know why or is there a work around?

  5. You have just earned a new subscriber, I will be using this in my next project. Please try make a beautiful responsive footer. Thanks a bunch


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