Bootstrap 4 hindi Tutorial – Offsetting Columns and varying grid size [in hindi] हिन्दी


In this video, I am going to tell how to give offset in bootstrap 4 and how varying grid size in Bootstrap 4.

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This is bootstrap 4 tutorial for beginners in hindi. This video will help you to understand bootstrap 4 in Hindi. After showing all this bootstrap 4 tutorial videos, you can easily design a professional website.I will tell you in this bootstrap 4 tutorial in hindi series video how to use bootstrap 4 step by step.

bootstrap 4 is a responsive framework used to design a responsive mobile friendly website. In this bootstrap Hindi tutorial, I will cover all the single component in Bootstrap 4. Just I have to request please see all the videos and practice them if you have any questions you don’t take time to extra question in comment session.

I make this bootstrap 4 tutorial in Hindi because there are so many videos available in English but very few video was available in Hindi, so the people who don’t understand English that much they also can able to understand what is bootstrap 4 and they also can design a professional website After seeing this videos.

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