Bootstrap 4 Change Navbar Background Color On Scroll


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Bootstrap 4 Change Navbar Background Color On Scroll. Bootstrap 4 is an awesome platform, it’s really fast loading and lightweight, if you are not creating a blog or e-commerce store I would recommend it over WordPress every time. Brackets text editor is a fantastic free code editor that can be used for editing just about any type of code. Brackets is really easy to use and has many free extensions that make coding a bootstrap site really quick and easy.

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  1. How come your code is working even after you left a spelling mistake in your class scolled instead of scrolled.
    P.S:It is not working for me

  2. Hi Jamie,

    Another off topic question if you don't mind. How do you reduce image file sizes for page optimization?

    I use open source GIMP to reduce the file size to almost zero and then slowly increase it until it's a happy medium between file size and image quality. Hard to keep it under 100 KB though.

    None-the-less, I've seen out there some pretty sharp images with low file sizes.

    How do the pros do it?




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