Bootstrap 3 Tutorials – #12 Creating Collapsible panels


Bootstrap 3 Tutorials #12 Collapse panels in Bootstrap

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In this video i will show you how to create Collapsible Group Item in Bootstrap. Classes like collapse. some of the classes that are used in this video are panel-collapse, collapse in etc.

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  1. Hello,

    thanks for video but I have a question,

    I am trying to use only one panel (instead of three as in the video) and it does not work on click. It is opened from the beginning, but if i try to click panel for it to close it does not work … ?

    I tried removing "IN" class from <div id="collapseone" class="panel-collapse collapse IN">
    and in this case it is closed from the beginning and when i click panel for it to open (expand) it does not work…?
    Any idea where is my mistake?

  2. Hello Lalit,

    You have used collapse and collpase both.
    In anchor and id tab you have used collpase, and in rest of it you have used collapse.
    Can you expalin me why did you used two different spellings for the same word ?


  3. I tried to implement it in an existing code, developed in EAD4J Framework. Headings and Panel Hyperlinks are coming on screen, but neither are the panels opening nor collapsing. Also, the proper Color is not getting fetched & only a very thin outline color is there for the panels. Could u plz help me regarding this, as in what is the issue with the js or css implementations ? I have put the corresponding 2 css, js and jquery files in correct folders as required. Thank u.


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