Bootstrap 3 Tutorials – #10 Creating Panels


Bootstrap 3 Tutorials #10 Creating Panels

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In this video i will show you how to create panels inside bootstrap. sometimes you need to put your stuff in a box. For those situations, there is this panel components, we can also create collapsible panle but we will talk about that in the later video. In this video we will create panels with links, panels with different colors, panel with heading, panel with footer, inserting tables inside panels, including listgroups inside panels.Almost everything that has been covered in the bootstrap documentation has been covered in this video as well. Classes that are used in this video will be panel panel-default, panel-header, panel-footer, panel-primary, panel-body and so on.

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  1. why didnt the whole panel color change when you changed the default? only the header changed but you did not add the color to the header.

  2. Your Tutorials are EXCELLENT. The only suggestion i could make , would be to include a brief description on why when and where to use each item. eg why use a panel and not a row? Thank you for posting these vids.

  3. Thanks so much for this great tutorial! sir Lalit Bassi! I just got shocked in this video your voice or accent changed a bit.  I'm learning a lot on your videos! thanks! keep it up!!!!

  4. Ok im learning a lot from your videos and this is the funniest lesson xD
    U seem a bit drunk or enjoying the session but hey! its cool! 😀

  5. I'm digging this.   I'm using your tutorials as a review of bootstrap.   I like how you organize your tutorials and give bite sized examples of each of the components.   Great job/kudos to you and your work on these!


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