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Bootea teatox review video! I really enjoy trying out these detox teas and letting you know my results from using them! I’ve heard really great reviews on this one and was super excited to try it out! Let me know if you’ve tried this teatox out and what you thought about it!
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14 Day Teatox Daytime / 14 Day Bedtime Cleanse
They also have shakes I want to try:

What this tea does:
Aid to weight-loss, detoxify the body of impurities, combats bloating and other digestive problems.
Increase energy levels and stop you feeling lethargic, Improve the appearance of the skin& quality of sleep.

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I was taking the teatox during this time 🙂

– If I had to choose my favorite teas so far, they would be:
Slim fit tea Cleanse (Laxative tea. Really does cleanse you out.)
Fittea (Fat burning. Only have to drink it once a day.)
And the bed time cleanse from bootea. (Super gentle and a projected time available. Not harsh on the body.)
– The yourtea I tried out gave me lots of energy and helped the bloating, which I liked, but I prefer these since reviewing yourtea.

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Disclamier: As all products, I recommend that you research yourself, and speak to your physician before trying out anything that pertains to your diet. You also must workout, eat healthy and use this tea as directed to see maximum results. These are my own opinions on the teatox and what it did for me.


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  1. I don't know about anyone else but the daytime tea stops me from binge eating it kind of holds my appetite. However since I hardly do a nbr 2 the night time tea is hands down my fav even if the smell of it isn't.

  2. Would you say this is the most effective tea you've tried? If not then which was? Because I want to buy one but I want to buy one that may actually work.

  3. Hi! If you had to choose between the bootea and the fit tea which one would you choose? 🙂 i want to try a good detox tea!

  4. So for the bed time laxative if I take it about 8 or 9 pm I would see the effects around morning time ?

  5. Today is my first day and am currently drinking my day time teatox. Are the laxative effects bad, without sounding to gross, does it stop you from going out because your on the loo?! LOL

  6. lt really want to try this out!! Did you have to change your diet all together? Like I read you can't really eat meat while doing it because meat has these toxins that the teas are trying to get rid of? Idk but I really want to try them and loose weight!! 

  7. I'm on day1 of this detox. Like you I'm exercising and eating healthy too. I really want to see some de-bloating action with this lol. I can lose weight but always have the tum! Thanx for the review ❤️

  8. hiii, i'm so happy that you have tried this, i see this tea like everywhere but i am a little bit scared to try it.. I sport a lot and drink a lot of water/healthy eating but I don't see much difference. Did you see after 14 days difference beside the inches you lost? I'm going on holiday in 2,5 months and want to look good and don't be ashamed of my body/ just have a flat stomach..

  9. I've just found your channel! It's so helpful you have reviewed both the fit tea and this one. Thanks for sharing x


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