Blue Is The Warmest Color Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Romantic Drama HD


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Blue Is The Warmest Color Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Romantic Drama HD

The story of a young lesbian couple’s beginning, middle and possible end.

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  1. I’ve only read the graphic novel. The length of the movie put me off. Seems like they made a few changes. I took a look at the movie plot on wiki. I think I prefer the graphic novel plot.

  2. This trailer on the Sundance Now channel is now a video MADE FOR KIDS. The comments are turned off and the miniplayer can’t work

  3. Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013) and Brokeback Mountain (2005) are both the best Love Stories I’ve ever seen, I wouldn’t call them LGBT Movies, I would call them love stories.

    Remember everyone, love is love.

    They’re one of the best love stories since

    “The Princess Bride” and “The Notebook”

  4. I will never forget this movie, and Adeles perfect acting in it. It shows love as best as it can. One more movie from that period did almost the same thing (LOVE).

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  6. You know a movie's good when you finish it but can't stop thinking about it, even if you try. Days pass and you wanna watch it again. Then again…

  7. A beautiful, heart breaking love story. One of the best movies I have ever seen. This coming from a straight married 53 year old man. The actresses were incredible. So much raw emotion. I must watch it again.

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