Black Virgin Mountain | Núi Bà Đen, Việt Nam


Núi Bà Đen is the highest mountain in southern Vietnam. It’s about 2 hours from Ho Chi Minh City. The small granite mountain is an extinct volcano. During the Vietnam War, it was home to an American war base. Currently, ba den can be seen by gondola and descended via slideway, a luge like ride that takes you all the way back to the bottom of the hill.

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  1. Is it worth the trip to go up the cable car if we can't hike? is there anything to see at the top of the cable car? asking because i want to bring my family (which includes elderly) up the mountain for the view, but they cannot climb up to the temple…

  2. lot of fire fights on that mountain i sure didnt see all those big colorful temples. i saw a cobra shoot rockets returning fire from a small temple. never saw em go explode the tunnel was so deep. when the fog came in on top the vc would try to take it. be sunny and nice and quiet in tay ninh base camp and seemed odd to know up there was a young war going on.

  3. Spent many a day and a few night on top of that mountain. I had a permanent crew there to provide multi-channel (telephone) service to its residents. Was commander B Company 125th Signal Battalion. Always had to fly there in CH 47's as they had two engines. But the day before I rotated home, my BN commander and I flew there in a four seater OH 5. July 24, 1970. That was my 2d RVN tour.


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