1. I find it interesting because they release The Joker movie first and then a movie about Harley Quinn after The Joker movie.It is really interesting to me. We got both stories about both Joker & Harley.

  2. sooo. they basically took the names of characters and just threw out the content associated with them? Welp, I know what movie I won't watch.

  3. Im so excited plus my comments have terribly spellig and eveyone hates it peorbabouyiq,k c 2;qh
    thats right bitches i LIKED MY OON COMMENT SELF//………LOVE

  4. Can’t wait not waste money on this shit movie that’s going to “destroy the male patriarchy”. Lmfao, this movie can fuck itself

  5. Fantastic. Another 'Girl Power' movie that we all wanted in our lives…Eventually people who make these movies are going to realize that being Woke does not generate an income.


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