Best Major for Entrepreneurs: Information Systems (or Computer Science)


Some schools call it computer information systems, business information systems or management information systems. Whatever you want to call it, it’s one of the best majors for entrepreneurs. Though computer science is up there as well.

Information systems grad can work as database administrators, software engineers, network engineers, and as information technology specialist.

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  1. I started studying information systems straight out of high school because I wanted to see what the IT-world was like. During that time, I found Seths digital marketing course and was enticed by the ability to work remotely.

    Fast forward a year later, I got a job as an SEO specialist for an agency, where I also do some conversion rate optimization and various improvements to websites expanding on the skills I picked up at university. Now I've been at the agency for a year, I've learned a ton and also have the ability to work remotely. My boss even agreed that I go abroad and work for a couple of months if I wanted to. Thanks for the guidance Matt! 🙂

  2. Hey I have a psychology degree as well! Computer science is going to be my next major. Don't be ashamed of your psychology degree because alot of engineers have one. Mark Zuckerberg has one and a CS degree

  3. Hey how’s CSULB for Ms Information Systems? As you graduated from there you’ll be the right person to guide me. And how are the job or internship opportunities as LB is small state. I’m an international student btw.

  4. Honestly, I feel that any of the disciplines are beneficial. Each provides something different. At the core they all lend themselves to my interests – entrepreneurship. But I will add, it wasn't easy to spot at first, and now that I'm an entrepreneur I'm amazed at how schools prepare us for entrepreneurship – it's "us" who fail to make the proper connections. I guess that's why we need mentors.

  5. If all the business professors actually knew business they would all be millionaires. One community college I was looking at offers an entrepreneurship certification

  6. Is business technology management a good major, im wondering because u dont really learn that much coding and math and all those other things, just information technology and business

  7. Have a Mechanical Engineering degree with a few years in Engineering Maintenance. Worked in Corporate Information systems(IS) for 18 years in Silicon Valley and now in a transition to Real Estate investing. All these just seem to have occurred naturally without really planning properly. I just realized this after watching this particular youtube video. By the way one investment is a condo close to where you have purchased yours. Just by coincidence, it feels like I seem to gravitate towards you or the like without purposely doing it. Just saying!!! LOL!

  8. Yeah, I just subed–after this amazing breakdown I'd just remembered watching you do, the other day, on CIS vs. IT vs. CIT. This vlog was GOLD, brother! Thanks Matt.

  9. This was such a useful breakdown. It helped me get the hiring info. needed, to more effectively build out my staff. Really, thank you for this!

  10. I have watched this video 1 year ago when I try to pick my major and, to be honest, I just get enrolled in my graduate school with a CIS major now. Again, I am studying some CIS stuff and saw this video again. Watching it really reminds me of a guy I have just dated 1 month ago. lol~~ hopefully, you will saw this. You are super cool!

  11. What about information technology? Is there a difference??? And when you say sometimes it’s called computer information systems, are you saying it’s the same thing?

  12. I am business administration graduate and thinking about whether to take up MBA or Master degree in Information Systems. Thanks for your video about information systems.

  13. This video really helped narrow it down for me, thanks! Any recommendations on a minor to help make me a more well rounded candidate for employment? I was thinking communications to maybe help if I end up business side, but I have been hearing a foreign language can help and I have also been just told to do something that interests me instead.

  14. Hey matt, will a associates degree in Computer information Systems good enough? I already have a bachelors degree, looking for a career change

  15. Really late comment so not sure if you'll respond. Currently in high school and really trying to find my major. Up to this point, it has been cs, but now I've been considering information systems. I like information systems for more of the business aspect but cs tend to have a higher salary. Thanks!

  16. I was in CS and I absolutely hated it. I hate coding and debugging codes. I switched to commerce degree without specialization and i like it. But now I have to choose a major will CIS be a good major even if I hate CS?

  17. Is an information systems major a good trade off for someone interested in technology but not as much the coding and math side of things?

  18. I’m on computer programming and information systems, hope it’s worth it like how saying after I graduate!! Cheers for the great video


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