Banh Mi – Vietnamese Baguette Recipe


Click here for full written recipe (Bấm vào đây để in công thức)
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1.5 tsp active dry yeast
180ml (3/4 cup) lukewarm water (at 40-46°C or 105-115°F)
250g (8,82 oz. – less than 2 cups) all-purpose flour (low-protein, unbleached)**
1 tsp salt
1 tbsp sugar (optional)

** I live in Germany and here they don’t sell the equivalent of bread flour in the US. So I made this recipe with all-purpose flour (Gloria das Backstarke Weizenmehl Type 550 und Dr. Oetker Hefe). But you are free to try it with bread flour. I guess bread flour will generate better results. You can also try Gold Medal Unbleached All-purpose Flour^^

Local Banh Mi Production in Hoi An:
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  1. I love that you made everything by hand without special equipments (i.e. electric mixer, baguette loaf pan, or special ingredients). Everything looks very natural and organically shaped. I also really like your introduction in the bakery.

  2. Thank you so much, yesterday I made the daikon/carrot pickle, today I will make the baguette in this video so that I could eat Bahn Mi for dinner tonight.

  3. Maybe I missed it but do you have a recipe for the pickled vegetables I have gotta often in NYC?? I adore Banh food ever!!

  4. I was born in Vietnam but moved to the US many decades ago. I live in northern california in a town with a very large Vietnamese population. We have many Vietnamese sandwich shops around here but none has banh mi as light as fluffy as the ones in Vietnam. Not a single shop, none, ever. I really miss the banh mi I had when I was in HCM. So I'm gonna try to make some tomorrow using your recipe. Thank you, Helen!!!

  5. Great video! The gas bubbles are not air but carbon dioxide for the fermentation of the yeast. I make the

    same bread and receipt but don't use oil as the bread can become too oily. It will seep through the

    paper storage bag. Don't store bread in plastic as it becomes gummy. You made a very good video

    on bread making. Patrick Raffaelo artist

  6. Thanks so much for the video and recipe! I have made it just now and it tastes so good. Thanks for your clear instructions 👍🏿🙏🏿 😀

  7. I’ve found the baguettes north oh Hue to be too sweet for my taste. The DaNang and Nha Trang are the best I’ve tried. Even better than SaiGon. Hue is ok, hit or miss but north of Hue I just can’t eat them. I’ll try your recipe soon. Thanks for the video.

  8. Hi Helen. I made my bread yesterday with your methods and a bit modified recipe. The result was amazing. I have tried several ones with AP flour, but yours is the best, crispy crust and soft inside (kinda curious why). Thanks a lot for sharing.
    P/s: I noticed that with my fast action yeast, I only need 1/2 tsp of yeast, and it works perfectly.
    P/s 2: Longtime I didn't see your new video clips? Are you still baking?

  9. I tried doing the overnight yeast mixture and it lost its foam 🙁 had to redo it but this time, let it rest for 2 hours

  10. Hi Helen,

    If I want to double the recipe to make 6 baguettes. what is the ratio? How much more of each ingredients to add?

  11. What a wonderful video. Very well made and easy to understand. You are so cute! I'm an older woman and have just begun experimenting with different breads. I'm going to try your recipe next, it looks delicious! Thank you!

  12. So just put one cup of flour into a bowl then put in your wet ingriedients..then add another cup of flour..cause it’s more efficient then putting two in there and taking one out


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