AutoCAD Excel Data Link Table


This AutoCAD tutorial is about excel data link, table to excel, drawing to excel, and insert excel with easy command, check it out!!!

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  1. I'm having issues with linking spreadsheets that have formulas nested within the cells (IE: Panelboard Schedules). I seem to get some strange arbitrary number values once I complete the linking process. Why is this happening? I haven't seen anything online about this weird anomaly.

  2. That had almost save my life but I had a question about the excel to autocad. I had done the same way like you did but on my project the scale was supposed to be 1/4 = 1-0. Right?. So I went on my next layout to create a white vellum. Suddenly, my schedule is very very small. What you did on there, the scale is 1;1. First of all, I had clicked the viewpoint to scroll the size of my schedule to be bigger and it looked great but then when I locked it, the scale number tell me again 1:1. Not 1/4 = 1-0 . I was very sad that I couldn't able to make my schedule fit. Help me Please. 🙁


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