ATmega8 bootloader, code, Arduino IDE


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Let’s start with other AVR microcontrollers from Atmel. This time, the ATmega8. Butn the 16MHz bootlaoder and then upload codes using the FTDI programmer. More micros tutorials soon…

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ATmega8 bootloader burn:
Bootloader burn schematic:
FTDI schematic:
OptiLoader code:
MiniCore GitHub:
ATmega328-p-AU bootlaoder burn video:

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  1. Can someone help ! The library doesn´t stay in my IDE ! Everytime I Install anoter library the old one is gone ! Why is that ? How can I make them stay ???

  2. 4:30

    how is the atmega8 being powered if it is not connected to any powersource?? how ever in thecircuit diagram it is connected to 5v and gnd of arduino

  3. I do as you describe and its work but I observe very important thing the "startup delay THE INBUILT LED BLINK 3 TIMES IN A SECOND THEN OFF FOR TWO SECONDS " so total about 3~4 second startup delay and how to get rid of it ?

  4. Very good channel with not enough subscriptions 🙂 I watched your watch project and it was amazing, show more microcontrollers and describe them as for an electronoob like me, please 😀

  5. i have a atmega8l-8pu chip i want to make usbasp bootloader for the 8051 m.controller. Atmega8l-pu is pre-program loaded or not. plz give me reply i need your help in this ckt design…my gmail is:- you can give me information on my gmail. thank you.


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