ASAKO I & II Trailer


Opens May 31!
Tickets on sale to Members May 22, and May 23 for the public.

A film on the earthly magic of falling in love, Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Asako I & II is the brilliant screen adaptation of Tomoka Shibasaki’s bestselling novel, Netemo Sametemo. When Asako (Erika Karata), a shy student from Osaka, meets Baku (Masahiro Higashide) at a photo exhibition, it’s love at first sight. Baku is a mysterious and gorgeous-looking young man, but he likes to disappear when the mood strikes him. Then, one day, he’s gone for good. Two years later, Asako, now working as a server in a Tokyo coffee shop, spots Ryohei (also Higashide), a young sake executive who looks exactly like Baku — to the extent that Asako is convinced she’s found her lost lover. But Ryohei is a very different person: he has no secrets, he is honest and kind-hearted, and he will love Asako with a faithful, protective love, destined to last forever — the kind of love that’s so reassuring it might even be scary.



  1. I don't know how long it will take him to rebuild trust in his relationship with his wife but I hope it's soon. Whether they decide to stay together or not because I feel bad for their children the most. I really hope they seriously reflect on their mistakes and learn from this.

  2. Erika Karata is one of the upcoming Japanese actress in 2017 that I look forward to & last year she’s just starting to build her portfolio by doing supporting roles for dramas yet she got involved in an affair with Higashide Masahiro his co-star male lead here, who apparently have a wife (a popular actress wife from an actors family & they have 3 children) idk I’ve been reading some local comments that Erika’s career is already over but what about Higashide Masahiro? he also committed an affair yet people only calling out Erika;
    I’m not defending Erika Karata here, both committed an affair, they are aware of their situation yet they still continued; but one thing I noticed how people easily slut shaming & point their fingers to the alleged woman but what about the man who got tempted by it? None!
    The thing abt this situation, Higaside Masahiro might still have a career, he could come back again after his scandal but for Erika Karata who hasn’t started her peak as an actress will always be remember as a home wrecker & won’t even have a career after this, her agency doesn’t even release a statement abt her involvement while Higashide, there are ready reports abt him reconciling with his wife. Can you all see the way people treated their situation? because I do, as far as I know they both committed the affair yet there’s only one person who’s in the spotlight.


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