Apple's new iPad Pro is coming for your laptop


Apple announced updates to a number of its products, including a new speedier Macbook Air, and most exciting, a refresh of it’s iPad Pro line that will launch with a proper keyboard with an intriguing looking stand, and a new LIDAR sensor to enable more augmented reality features.

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  1. I appreciate the Engadget team working from home and still providing us with great content but, the video editor needed to reduce reverb and check background noise levels.

  2. Sorry it's been done light years ago by Microsoft already. It's done, ain't no blurring lines when it's already being done, they are just playing catchup right now.

  3. Engadget you have no excuse of not improving the sound quality of your room when a lot of YouTubers will use DIY and other materials

  4. Take a chill pill. They added one more core to the GPU or CPU? And its only an ARM right? so it will not replace laptops unless every app is remade with arm instructions. The only new thing is really only the lidar and the new keyboard.

  5. Bro, we have this talk every year when a new iPad Pro comes out, it still wont replace a laptop. Sick of these click bait style articles and vids just trying to get views

  6. Even though you're working and filming this at home, im surprised Engadget didn't hook my man up with a proper mic for an official video on this channel. Audio quality is definitely not up to par or the standard of what we should be expected from Engadget.

  7. I mean.. iPads are awesome, but saying that they have better performance than windows laptops doesn't say much. You would have to compare with laptops in the same price range (and include the price of the keyboard for the iPad there)

  8. Probably will replace my laptop as soon as the files system matches MacOS. Not the latest release that is coming in iOS.

  9. I'm following the iPhone 12,The design of returning to iPod touch is so perfect,Plus equipped with A14 processor

  10. I don’t understand the need to morph the iPad to something that already exists. Is the surface outselling the iPad or something?

    I love my iPad as a slab and as a professional doodler I like the Apple Pencil. But everything else? There are better game devices and if I want to edit something properly I’ll use a computer.

    My fear is, that this move will make developers lazy and we won’t get innovative touch friendly first apps like procreate, or the adjustments we get in the Affinity apps.

  11. When apple decides to create an iPad with build in MacOS/interface with MacOS which you can easily switch between their iPad OS and MacOS then ill purchase 1. Until then i'm happy with my Macbook and my phone.
    Right now, the best option is to buy Windows Surface if you want a touch interface and a powerful OS to run your regular apps. Sorry apple, ill give it a miss on this version of iPad as well..

  12. reprinted:
    No, not yet for me, I need it to output to 4K60x2 at least, and have more than one port, with one of those at least TB3 or usb4 or better, for possible egpu use and other high-bandwidth accessories in the future.

    For many others, with smaller need cases, it already has, even the base ipad has for many, and for some of us our phones have, especially with software like Samsung's DEKT, or devices like the LG V60, upcoming Microsoft Duo.

    "Eventually smartphones will be your laptop, tablet, desktop, only needing you to buy an accessory to allow them to operate in each of those modes, without compromise." Tiger

    It must have a headphone jack, preferably with a good dac and amp for my pro wired headphones, I would also love compatibility with the latest hires aptxhd and LDAC wireless bluetooth codecs for the best wireless sound, for my bluetooth headphones, although not necessarily.

    Without a built in no latency low noise (no usbc noise) headphone jack, the conversation is over
    Because I will be editing 4 k and doing alot of audio editing and production, i prefer 32GB ram or at least 16GB for full desktop apps, and those apps most have access to a full modern file system that allows for multiple files to be loaded easily by just hooking up suds or hard drives.

    My logic X, cubase, and Complete Suite demand this.
    Keyboard should be included not $300-$400 extra, crazy😯
    Pen is great but not needed.
    Touch is great, and 120HZ is great, although I wish I could set it and leave it.

    I was hoping for a option for mini led or oled though even more.
    SD card would be awesome and would keep the limited ports (1) open for other things.
    Should have a fan and be cool so there will be no thermal throttling.

    Would love to upgrade the ram and ssd and change out the wifi and battery myself in the future.
    To save money and time, and by having a removable ssd, your data is secure when you sell it or send it in for repair, and your data is not lost.

    I think it is getting there though, it lacks ports, user servicability of anything, easy to bend and break, no headphone jack, sd card, upgradeability of anything, no keyboard or trackpad included, 6GB ram is ok for tablet apps, probably overkill, but for true desktop apps, it is the bare minimum, no matter how fast the cpu is.

    Apple has been gimping the MacBooks, no touchscreen, no 120z, 720P cameras, to make having both seem more appealing.
    And they have been gimping the iPads, 1 port, no 4K+ output, no headphone jack, no trackpad or true multitasking till recently, small amound of ram, no true desktop apps and lack of enough ram to run them to make having a ipad and a mac more appealing.

    For years Apple said the Surface type of device did not make sense, yet here they are with that same type of device.
    To protect the sales of both the ipads and macs, Apple is being careful not to have one machine that can truly do both yet, but it is coming soon.

    The cameras are great,, however aside from synthetic benchmarks of the cpu and gpu, there are many laptops that will run circles around this in the same price range, because of more memory, upgradeable ssd, more ports, full apps, egpu, dedicated video processing on the chips to actually output upto 8K, or two 4K displays, plus the built in one, and many more screen options, including 240hz, oled, mini led and 4K+, for not much more comparatively equipped.
    But if tablet apps are fine for you than ipad is the way to go.

  13. iPad isn't coming for my laptop because I use convertibles and whatever joke OS that thing is using isn't going to replace a full Windows or even OSX. It is a lame toy.


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