Antenna Hustler 5 BTV and Anderson Connected Radials


JJS goes over a repaired antenna and basic setup of a free-standing vertical Hustler Five-Band HF antenna. The ground radials kept getting damaged from people tripping over them, so JJS used Anderson Electrical connectors as an easy, quick, and damage-free solution to reconnecting radials.



  1. I’m confused. The documentation for this States that it’s not necessary to cut the radials to any resonant length

  2. A buddy gave me a 5BVT from a silent key that I am in the process of refurbishing. Is there a need to water proof the Anderson connectors? This is a great idea that I will use.

  3. hey jon you don't have to have radials at all if you don't have room. I ran a 6btv in YI9 and 9K2 and here in Georgia at home never had radials and have made 100s of contacts world wide. yes you should have them but in a emergency and lack of room  you can still use the antenna just ground it. I didn't even have a ground in Kuwait  the antenna was on a 13 story bldg. I was on the 8th floor. great video

  4. Why not use a different colour to red or black? Anderson do quite an assortment of colours, I would have thought green for counterpoise/earth wires.

  5. Ground radials should not be cut to length for the different bands,
    in fact cutting them to length/making them shorter has a detrimental effect
    as ground radials should all be the same length which is half a wavelength of the lowest band

  6. Hello Friend
    Thanks for your video
    Is it possible to send me photos of the 5btv manual?

    thank you


  7. I love Anderson Connectors, but would not use them in this type of application. they need to be worked now and then ( connect and disconnect) and being outdoors would need weather protection. I have a 6BTV with radial that I just laid on the grass, used lawn staples to hold them down, after about 6 weeks the grass pulled them down, you can't see them or trip on them. This antenna has been up almost 10 years. I would be very concerned with corrosion of the Anderson Connectors.

  8. Nice video John. I have the Hustler 6BTV verticle, 2 year's ago when I installed it in the garden I put down the radials and 2 earth rods. strong winds have blown it over a couple of times so at the moment it as no conected radials but I'm going to follow your advice and do the same. 73tu de 2E0MQA

  9. Ok off question but how long have you had the labels on those cables outdoors? The reason I ask is I'm looking for some sort of label maker or way to mark cables that will be outside. It will need to be waterproof as well as u.v. Proo or fade resistant. Sharpies fade quickly outdoors I've found out. Thanks

  10. Great antenna, I use the 4 BVT, and use a tuner for 80m. That's a nifty idea for the radials. I see the coax mount was modified as well. The steel stake mounting also allows for some movement, which has allowed my antenna to weather 60mph winds more than once.


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