ANOTHER INSANE REVEAL! – One Piece Chapter 974


So we have back to back chapters of Oda literally flexing on the plot points developed for several arcs. One Piece 974 may be the beginning of an insane run for the story… I’M HYPE

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  1. Honestly, out of the nine, there’s Denjiro believed there were a traitor. That was why he has been working alone for 20 years.
    Also, it’s hard to blame them to trust each other so much. Because if they don’t trust each other so much none of these would never happen.
    Kinemon would never go to Zou if he didn’t trust Nekomamushi and Inuarashi. Also, Raizo would not be there in the first place. Then noone would be able to find Zou. Carrot and Pedro will not join the Strawhat. Without their help, there would be no way in hell Luffy could rescue Sanji and escape from Big Mom.

  2. It just perplexes me how stupid most of the One Piece fanbase is. They whined about the hour of legends and immediately lost hope on Oda after the fight between Oden and Kaido. I didn't. I had a feeling there is more to it and we had to just wait for Oda. And then, Oda drew for us one of the best chapters ever. The struggle of Oden and how legendary his death was. It even gave me vibes of Whitebeard's death and it was so close of reaching that level of greatness. They also whined and complained about the reveal of Denjiro and the witching hour boy. To me, it was perfect. The idea of rage and fury overcoming him and changing him completely is awesome. It's very convincing, and while it's impossible in real life, rage changes people. So it was a great chapter. And now, Kanjuro's reveal that he is the traitor was even better than the previous reveal. But still! There are a lot of people crying, oh why did Kanjuro admit that he is the traitor?!!! Oh, why didn't he just keep it a secret??! WAAAAAH! I mean your ANSWER is right there in the chapter!! He said he wanted to die, and Orochi convinced him to prolong it and help him get his revenge since he relates with his situation of being persecuted. He told him to work for him until that point of when the scabbards attack to take Momonosuke and then the scabbards will die. So it's very convincing why Kanjuro revealed himself. Not only the scabbards were dead for sure, Kanjuro said that he did actually felt some emotions of comradery with them. So the least that he could do is grant them a sense of relief knowing who the traitor was all along, before they died! Lol, it's always amazing how people love to complain and whine, jumping the gun, and having no patience or sense of fulfillment from anything.

  3. Cylde made that but credit should have gone to Marco the OP theorists he made this assumption 6 months ago every single detail he was right

  4. This chapter was fire. Real fire. And the end… can't remember the last time I got goosebumps like this from One Piece!

  5. Goda is so incredible at he does. The man knows better than any mangaka, writer, novelist on how to plant seeds while still subverting expectations. People literally thought the traitor was the little monkey mink… and yes Kanjuro makes perfect sense. You said it best when you said the man can draw birds for crying out loud. Great review. Had to wait, been screwed by bad scanlations so I wait on the Viz release.

  6. Question everyone with light to a major upgrade to kanjuro's devil fruit does that mean shinobo isnt real as well an if so does that his drawings can come to life ?? Im catching powerful drawing of prime oden vs zoro coming soon its easily part 2 to zoro vs ryuu

  7. The one clue Clyde left out was the Ryonuske drawing taking super long to climb up Zou…it was drawn that way to stall them from arriving to Zou

  8. Fuck fuck kanjuro ….damn traitor …..kanjuro is being fuck in indian community righ now my boys …..😠👹

    Make a video about kanjuro betrayal ….by combining all his actions .

  9. Meanwhile, Orochi has been living with a traitor as well
    It’s 1-1 fair game

    In Kyoshiro’s head: They don’t know that we know they know we know

  10. Since they revealed Kanjuro as a traitor I think it's about time we talk about another follower of Oden which is Izo. Izo is there with his master and even got mad at Whitebeard for treating Oden so harsh when they first left Wano. Since they need more allies there is no other time,but this is the best time fo a homecoming! Hopefully when Neko returns he is with atleast Izo if Marco is not really coming.

  11. Yeah , I guess that does make sense, cause doflamingo knew about momonosuke but at the time the only two who knew about him were kinemon and him, and it couldn't have been anyone else from wano cause it's essentially cut from the rest of the world.


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