Amber Heard Posts New Instagram Photo & Taunts Critics Who Want Her Removed From Aquaman 2


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A late night, spur of the moment Amber video just to vent about how annoying she is. Nothing too informative, just rants.

This video is specifically for my Subscribers who only subbed to watch me rag on this she-devil.

*I had to whisper during parts because the family was all sleeping* #thatquarentinelife 🙏🥺



  1. Since California is on lockdown and that USA and Canada borders are closed and that Warner Brothers has close some of their studios to add International flights are closed a good chance Aquaman 2 will be put on hold during the Corona Virus.

  2. Amber Heard=evil…….I will not support anything she does. Reese Witherspoon is still a good actress though. Not sure about Amber to be honest, I have never seen her in any movie. But, she looks like she would be a bad actress anyway. I bet I won't be missing out on anything boycotting her films so owe well. F Amber, Johnny was one of the best actors, and I would rather watch a new Depp film than Heard anyday so…..

  3. If I am being honest, people (if they want to, they are not obligated to do so) should go on strike not to see the movie. I doubt those working on the movie will change anything (they probably will not fire her) , but hey, according to them, money speaks more than people, right?

  4. The way I look at it. It is great fodder to taunt her with when she loses the court cases. Keep that hat cuz you will be swimming through shit soon enough!!! Bitch!!! 😎😎😎 😎😷😎

  5. B!tch needs to go to an asylum ASAP! She’s showing the world how crazy she actually is. I’m proud to stand against abusers like her who think they can get by for looks/being a woman. #cancelamberheard #ivealwayssupportedjohnnydepp

  6. She thinks shes someone now! What she isnt thinking is that it's fans that make them! If she wants to act like that boycott their movie and when they loose millions because of her she's done?! And black listed in Hollywood! And broke then she'll poo hoo and cry! Well eat your heart out Bitch! 😂😂😂😂😂 Also your mask and gloves look better than that fugly swim cap! And it was probably alot chesper! 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. "Cabbage patch bitch" with that pic on a shirt should be worn at the premiere by the crowds outside. She would have the stankest of faces after seein that 🤣

  8. Lmao dude you're fucking hilarious, seriously though I hope she doesnt win the case or I'm gonna be mad disappointed in our justice system. Prayers for johnny man

  9. Also I don't think the notification button is working properly. I stumbled upon this video by accident. Never received a notification.

  10. Note that AH has been raving on about Johnny's drug use, however information now revealed the mass illegal drugs she's been taking! Another point, why would Johnny cut of his finger, risking the maiming of his hands, when he has been an awesome musician, guitar player, touring with his bands for his entire life. His finger was smashed off by AH in Australia while he was filming. (Im Australia) . I can tell you that everyone knew what AH did, the medical staff is quoted as saying " This is a high velocity impact, not an accidental slice". I remember seeing him all dressed up as Capt Jack Sparrow and visiting the kids in hospitals. But when all the make up came off, he looked so ill, so stressed. I can tell you Amber didnt make any friends in Australia, but Johnny is very loved here. I hope he continues to heal xox Thanks Darth for everything you are doing <3

  11. Omg I’m dying. I had to listen to this again. We can’t compare her to a beautiful nugget. And that weird ass cap is ugly and not even slightly cute.

  12. She has no brain so she really needs that thinking cap it suits her …ugly head she has no class nor style just blond thin hair weird shape head bimbo shes got that bitchy trailor trash face carot shape head she really is an idiot n loves attention NOBODY watch the aquaman 2 nor anything she will star in then it will be a flop n no more work for the crazy narcistic d grade actress …..omg "im a radical feminist "that was sooo damm funny how you said that and nobody cares that she dont care the radical feminist is the ONLY woman that will defend her bcaus their ridiculous and will defend any woman weather right or wrong.Amba heard has neverrrr been funny shes boring personality no sense humour and to busy being a victim n loving her insecure self


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